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Webinars & Training


The Healing Institute of Baltimore specializes in providing innovative in-person training and webinars. Our global team of trainers have trained throughout the United State, in Cuba, and West Africa. We provide community-based and organizational training and retreats for small and large groups. Below is a partial list of training offered through webinar and in-person training sessions.

This Is ONLY A test: Reducing Test Anxiety
The brain is unable to process information during stressful moments. Students are unable to recall learned information when they are anxious and stressed out. This training introduces students to Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) to reduce stress and regaining the natural calming mechanism of the brain in order to access learned material easily. We provide techniques that can be used before, during and after testing which relaxes the brain for better sleep and total recall.

TAPPING for Teens: Improving Test Scores and Sports Enhancement
Like our This is ONLY A Test workshop, TAPPING for Teens focuses on helping Teens to natural reduce their stress levels to improve their focus in class before, during and after testing and sports performance. Students can use tapping during exam to regulate the body's response to test anxiety and has shown to improve outcomes for students diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. 

Darkness to Light : Preventing Child Abuse
This training offers participants an understanding of signs of child abuse and human trafficking that is prevalent throughout the United States. We explore ways of preventing abuse and treatment options available to families.

Sex, Health in Recovery for Adult & Youth
The goal of Doug Harvey Braun’s SHIR training is to help people in recovery to maintain sobriety  while addressing sexual behavior, thoughts feelings and experiences that may be linked to drinking and drugging. This interactive training is designed to help mental and behavioral health professionals become comfortable with talking about sex with persons in recovery.  

Stop In The Name of Love: Addressing Domestic Violence 
Using Dr. Wexler's Stop Model, participants learn how to recognize domestic violence and treatment options for the offender and the victim.

Planning for Success with Result-Based Accountability: Individual and Organizational Planning
If you want to be successful, you must plan for it. Using Results-Based Accountability, anyone can plan for a successful event, business or financial planning in your own life. In this training, participants will learn how to strategically create an individual and organizational culture of success for 3, 5, 9 years.  

It Takes A Village: Ecumenical Conversations  on Addressing Problem Gambling and Treatment Options
The goals of the National Council on Problem Gambling's national campaign are: To increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment & recovery services. To encourage healthcare providers to screen clients for problem gambling. This training is designed to inform faith-based communities about the impact of problem gambling on congregational engagement. In this training, participants will learn the symptoms of a problem gambler and ways of providing pastoral counseling to individuals and groups. We spend time discussing treatment options for residents in states that offer free treatment to the problem gambler and their family.

How God Changes the Brain: Improving Congregational engagement and tithing with neuroscience.
This training brings clergy and laity together to assists pastors, congregations and the community in recognizing the impact of religious trauma on congregational tithing and ministry engagement. This two day training explores: How to improve relationships between pastors and their congregations to encourage constant level of stewardship. How to recognize Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs and the impact on the church and surrounding community preventing a deeper connections. Examine the role of pastors and ways to strengthen their leadership team’s skills to improve ministry participation. Inform pastors about the basics of the brain and neuroscience and the relationship with church attendance and disengagement in ministry. Discuss traditional and non-traditional therapeutic interventions to reduce stress, address traumatic life events and improve commitments to tithing and engagement in ministry. Explore solution-focused strategies to promote effective leadership, enhancing congregational participation while improving community engagement. 

The Daring Way ™ Groups (4-6 week sessions)/ Retreats (2 Days minimum)
The Daring Way ™ curriculum was developed by Dr. Brene Brown to assist individuals, communities, groups and organizations in addressing fears of moving forward in their personal life and careers. In the program Certified Daring Way™ facilitators guide participant s through exercised that  explore what it means to be vulnerable, brave, living up to their fullest potential and living more healthier and productive lives while improving organizational outcome. We offer Daring To Be (Men's group/ retreat), Daring Teens and Daring Classrooms. 

Write the Vision: Vision Boarding and Manifestation
Not all  vision boards  are created equal. How many times have you attended a vision board party just to glue some cute pictures to a poster board. This vision board workshops incorporates the basics of neuroscience and mindfulness while training clinician on the uses in therapeutic settings.

What I Need From You is Understanding-Conflict Resolution
There are many models that can be taught to resolve conflict. However this will be unlike any previous workshop you have attended before. No more death by Power Point! We will laugh, cry and heal interpersonal, social, and professional relationships with others through experiential exercises and adult play.

Attendees will be able to define what conflict is, their personal comfort with conflict, conflict styles, how to use Neuroscience to vibrate higher when conflict arises, the value of conflict and it’s potential, how to heal from conflict using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

What’s Eating You? The Bariatric Monologues
All diets work as long as we’re following them but we all know what happens when we go off the plan. Have you been losing the same 15 lbs year after year only to gain back double the weight? In this workshop you will learn about the substances in processed food that is designed to keep us in bondage, understand head/heart hunger vs. physical hunger, understand the Neuroscience behind food addiction, become empowered by identifying your warning signs and triggers to eat and learn how to address emotional hunger through using integrative holistic techniques.

Trauma from a Different Lens: Culturally Attuned Trauma Training 
Trauma is often misunderstood and the prescribed treatment approaches often miss the mark. If you are like me then you have sat in trauma training and heard  “we are living in the safest times that have ever been experienced by man.” While that may be a true for some, we know that is not the cast for people of color, women, Deaf and LGBTQ communities that don’t align with what is considered socially accepted by those controlling legislation and policy implementation.  In this training you will learn the definition and source of trauma, how to understand the impact of trauma and acknowledge trauma from a culturally attuned approach, how to use Neuroscience to unlock unconscious sources of trauma, how to use EFT/NLP to overcome the negative impacts of trauma.

The Implications of Gambling and other Addictions in the Military and Veterans
Only 1% of our population serves in the military but the impact of addictions mirrors the 99% of our society. Many think that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) stems from having served in a  war that happens overseas. However, after 10 years of working as the Clinical Director of a Level 2.5 substance abuse day treatment program, I have discovered that many clients have undiagnosed PTSD from adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s).  In this workshop you will learn the root causes of addictive behaviors, the barriers to treatment, and the benefits of recovery on a personal and professional level.

I Bet You’ll Win if You Play this Way
If you feel that life hasn’t been dealing you a winning hand, maybe it’s time to learn the secretes to the game. Understand what gambling is, become aware of problem gambling warning signs, understand the pros/cons of gambling, understand where to go for help, understand how to use Neuroscience to overcome the cycle of addictive behavior, understand how to have fun and play without gaming.

Is Your Brain a Bully or a Boss
That little 3 lb human brain weighs heavily on how we experience life. Most of people are  ruled by unconscious false self-limiting beliefs that are barriers to progressing to the next level. Participants will explore the how the mid-brain (source of emotions) can be a bully hindering a healthy quality of our life. We will also  introduce integrative techniques that help us overcome the bully in our brain, level up and become the boss you were always meant to be.

Welcome to Your Amazing Life-Vision Board Workshop
Have you spent hours cutting out pictures, pasting them to a board and sitting it in the corner of your room and mind because nothing really happened? Well, we invite you not to quit on you. Your dream life can absolutely become a reality. In this workshop you will be inspired as you learn how to bring your vision to life by understanding Neuroscience, NLP, Positive Self-Talk, Affirmation and Manifestation and Mental Mapping. (This training is also offered for clinicians and has CEUs)

Living My Life Like it Golden-Aging With Grace
In this workshop, we will learn how to successfully transition into senior living. Topics include life after loss, downsizing while holding onto sentimental values. empty nesting, slowing physical and mental decline, senior living options, hospice care and pre-plan for life after life.

Compassion Fatigue and Veterinary Medicine
When you continuously care for others who experience traumatic life events, you are also at risk. This is especially true for healthcare workers in veterinary medicine. In this workshop you will learn to recognize trauma  and compassion fatigue.